Inaugural Post

It has been years since I last blogged & it feels so good to be back!

Here's a little about myself:

I'm a born and raised Vancouverite. If you ever meet me and asked where I'm from that's exactly what I'll say with no exception. Being a Vancouverite is a point of pride for me. It's not an actual achievement but I must admit that I'm a bit smug about it. I'm proud to say that this beautiful city is my home.

I've always been a big fan of the great outdoors and adventure travels. It's difficult not to be since Vancouver is THE place to cultivate that kind of lifestyle. Connecting with nature has always been a passion of mine. This whole love of mother nature was really what led me to biological sciences and there's a whole other story that leads me to my love of genetics.

It's pretty simple to describe me : Jack of all trades but truly a master of none. I'll dabble in everything. It's quite tough for me to choose any one thing since I take an interest in most anything! I've done horseback riding (English style), fencing, watercolour painting, guitar lessons, and air cadets just to name a few.


In a couple of days I'll be at the Long Beach Lodge Resort in Tofino. There's just something about Vancouver Island that I'm inexplicitly drawn to and I'm not the only one.

This morning I was at Raintree Day Spa in Steveston and had started talking to Barbara Bell, owner and incredibly helpful person. When she heard that I was going to Tofino, she instantly recommended a bunch of restaurants and a few activities we could do there. Her entire spa is designed with Tofino and the west coast in mind. I have got to say that Raintree Day Spa not only has excellent service but it also encompasses all that is west coast. They focus on wellness, sustainability and they even give back to nature through charity. I've tried to go to other spas but it just wasn't the same. So if you can't escape to the island any time soon, check out Raintree but remember to book early since they're pretty busy.

Oh and I'm a pretty meticulous person when it comes to travelling. I've created an entire itinerary for the trip. I want to take in as much as I can on my trips but still have it be lax and flexible. I'm beyond stoked. After Tofino, I'm heading out to Kamloops for work!


  1. Hey Vinci! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a great time on the island and I wish you lots of success in Kamloops. :-)

  2. Thanks Lisa :) I had a fabulous time in Tofino!