Dr. Hamish Nichol Memorial Benefit

Dr. Hamish Nichol was the kind of compassionate and sympathetic psychiatrist everyone should have -- at least that's what Pat tells me. He taught Psychiatry at UBC and worked at the VGH Voice Clinic. He was also a man that gave to the community and the environment.

So in memory of Dr. Hamish Nichol, Stand Up for Mental Health put on a benefit for the VGH Foundation at the Yale Hotel.

It's such a small world! I had met one of the volunteers the day before at Lululemon Lab. She sold me those pants!

  And that's Jim O'Hara, the Vice President of the VGH Foundation.

I'm continuing to volunteer with SMH to develop SMH Campus Days to dispel discrimination, stigmatism and prejudice of mental health illnesses through humour. Participants are those who are affected by mental health issues. They undergo workshops with SMH Founder, David Granirer, to create their own comedy act about their illness. David also suffers from depression, but he's also a counselor, an author as well as a comedian!

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