Mounting the Chief

The last time I attempted the Stawamus Chief was when I was a wee little girl. I didn't even realize that it was the Chief until I reached the balanced rock today where I almost slipped off the edge of the cliff as a kid. I went today with Jake and we reached the first peak. We spent a long time up there just eating lunch, chatting and screwing around with the chipmunks.

Foliage got in the way. Looks pretty decent, still.

I also wore my new Lululemon Ultimate Running Socks today. They were pretty great. My feet felt good throughout the hike and stayed blister free. However, when I got home I discovered that they wore out really fast and there was a small hole in one of them. Unfortunately I ended up handwashing them and letting them air-dry to prevent further wear. If they lasted longer, then it would have justified the $15 spent.


  1. Yay for once a non fashion blog! I love hiking, I live right next to the forests and love disappearing into them and ditching the normal everyday world. Was it a big cliff or did you go up one of those whimpy ones :)

  2. Hey :) It was really high up! It overlooked Squamish and the river. Such an amazing view. Plus there's no railings so you could technically leap to your death... I guess that's a poor way of putting it, but it's honest!