Sunday Afternoon

Strolled around the Steveston Farmer's Market again with Nicole. It was an overcast but warm afternoon. I absolutely adore farmer's markets.

Hungry Cat usually carries my card, cash and most importantly my camera but that means his whiskers get a little mangled. Well anyways, Nicole promised to bring Lego Chef everywhere so we introduced our two sidekicks.

Hungry Cat finds Lego Chef very delicious.

At the local toy store. This is for Rae's obsession with moose.

Bought this adorable ring from the market.

Hungry Cat peaks out of my vintage Dior bag.

I have difficulty concentrating on work at home so I went to Calhoun's at 10 pm (free parking after 10). Then I received this text from my mother.
"Time to come home. It is dark. Beware of vampires n werewolves. Real werewolves do not hv abs. Mom" 
Thanks mom. It's good to know that I will never fall for a real werewolf then...


  1. Hahaha ok that cat is adorable, it totally made me smile.

    And your mom is bad ass, mine's foreign and a hard core catholic so she disapproves of everything Twilight. Doesn't know what she's missing out on :)

  2. Hilarious! And adorable. Especially that email from your mom.

    That reminds me: I need to go see Twilight.


  3. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH I <3 the comment your mom sent. Did you mom get into the twilight phase? >.>" Another one converted!

    aaaaaand. I love the moose family! I imagined them a lot uglier since you said they were. I think they are actually cute and I might pick them up:P

  4. What's funny, ladies, is that neither my mother nor I read Twilight...