The Underwear Affair Fundraiser

I didn't raise as much as I had hoped but it was a fun night nonetheless. The BC Cancer Foundation had generously organized this fundraiser at Doolin's Irish Pub. The place was really fun and sweet. We all had a hell of a good time and even got free cover for the Cellar below! Some runners even stripped down to the underwear to raise money for the cause.

So after a good conversation, beer & burger we went downstairs to the Cellar for a night of dancing.

Did I mention that I got caught in a bidding war (only because my friend handed my a 10 bill) for this man, Clifford, at the fundraiser's auction? Good times.

Alright, I better get ready for another night downtown. Have a safe night everyone! Happy Canada Day

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  1. hehe~ It was a good time :)

    I like your new layout btw