The victory lap of my undergrad years wasn't as epic as I thought it would be but it's just what I needed. "Tuum est" never seemed to resound more loudly to me than this year. I can finally call this place my 'home away from home'. I've made a niche for myself and change comes sweeping through like the wind. Some days I'm overcome with nervousness and anxiety of graduating. The prospect of being in the world, finding a job and then a career is frightening to say the least. This last term has been a bitter-sweet reflection of my undergrad life.

What I've been yearning for is that peace that comes with stillness and solitude though. As sad as it is for me to graduate, I need this. I think I've needed this time to myself for a long time but didn't have the opportunity to take it. Vancouver has been my beloved home my entire life but I need to be elsewhere; my soul tells me so.

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  1. i miss Vancouver! and you too of course :)

    ps. love the toms. i wish it gets warmer here soon.