Book Club of One

I have yet to find a book club that is to my liking except for lit classes at UBC. I've been craving engaging discussions about literature & I truthfully miss the scratch of the pencil against paper as ideas stream from my noggin' to my fingers. 

Above are just some of the books I need to read/finish reading. I have a terrible habit of reading half a book and then forgetting about it for a year. It hasn't happened yet this summer but I have a ton of half-read books to go through.

While in Kamloops a couple of weeks ago, Justin (my co-worker) and I took a trip to Chapters. Since then I've been devouring books constantly. In the day I'll carefully read a thought-provoking and inspirational book while at night I'll indulge in terribly written teen vampire romance novels. Although I've said that I'd never read a Twilight book, I'm currently reading "The Vampire Diaries" which probably isn't any better. Yes, I'm ashamed that I've been letting out sighs and girlish squeals as I read the Vampire Diairies series.


Sometimes I'll feel out of place here. Maybe it's because my room's really cluttered. It's organized chaos here and this room has more stuff than it could comfortably fit. I'm tempted to turn this place upside down so I can create a reading room of my own. Or at least turn it into the picture below.

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  1. You have so much wasted space and room in your room, I can definitely see potential! And the Vampire Diaries series was really popular back then in the 90s when it came out, but I never finish reading the series back then. If it isn't for the whole vampire wave it wouldn't be made into a tv show, but when I read VD as a whole separate thing from the tv show so I'm not sure if it's hard for you with the influence of the tv series. VD book is much better than twilight. I couldn't get through the first page of twilight. May I borrow the time traveler's wife? But I too have the problem with starting a book, then getting sidetrack and reading another book and not finishing the first.