Wish you could see me now in my very most Carrie Bradshaw'esque mannerisms. How can the modern woman not connect with her? Mumsie and I just came home from watching Sex and the City 2.

Leather jacket: Mackage ; Belt: Celine vintage ; Jeans: Buffalo ; Shirt: Free People

These photos don't do the shirt justice but the delicate lace patterns in the front and in the back show just a tad bit of skin. It's sensual and so feminine. Great with messily braided hair.

Bag: Louis Vuitton ; Boots: Steve Madden
A couple of days ago I went to Moksha Yoga with my best Theresa. We also hit up Aphrodite's, an amazing organic pie shop. This little cozy shop has the delicious smell of pie permeating every inch of the place. Then hit up David's Tea to expand my tea collection with Organic Green Mate and Chocolate Mint Mate.

Tea and Organic Turkey Pot Pie - an unbeatable combo.

I've been stuck in Lala Land for a few weeks now & I'm neglecting work. Family stuff has been real tough to put it gently. I'm constantly tired and zoning out but I'm not able to get some good quality sleep. Wonder what's wrong...

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  1. I heart Aphrodites' too!! Mmmmmmm you can smell it from a block away :)