My mother was 'blessed' with naturally curly hair but the I didn't win the genetic (or epigenetic) lottery. Next week I'll be going to Chura in Downtown Vancouver to get my hair digitally permed. I'm pretty lucky to have manageable straight hair but I spent years longing for wavy hair. Finally I have the courage to go through with it.

I'd really like to update this blogger template. I'll hopefully be missing in action for a short while to catch up on reading, work, sleep & this website.

I'll leave you with this adorable kitten...

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  1. OMG that kitten is so cute. <3 You know, this isn't the first kitty video you have shown me. You better get yourself a kitty soon or you will turn into Goodey @_@

    Digitally permed? how is it digital? You better take before and after pictures! I want to see this!