Who knows? How this feeling grows,

Finally back from my mini hiatus. The last couple of weeks have been nonproductive and it just felt like a slow spinning blur in my mind. Things still do feel strange as if I were in the third person. I spent a little time indulging in taboo, a little time reflecting, a lot of time with family from out of town and a lot of time feeling numb. 

Also I had my perm done at Chura. A week later and my hair went from curly to very loose waves. The photo above is a pre-perm. All following photos are post-perm. I guess I'm a little disappointed with the outcome since my hair refuses to curl under any circumstances. Hopefully this beach hair lasts else it'll be a waste of time and money.

Since the sun has come up a little bit, I've started to wear shorts whenever possible. Here comes the flurry of pictures to make up for my time away.

Hat: Garage ; Shirt: Flying Tomato ; Shorts: AE

Shirt: Modcloth ; Shorts: Hollister ; Shoes: Michael Kors

Then I spent some girl time with Rae. We had a heart-to-heart talk that ended up in fits of meaningless giggles <3 Oh, and spent a few hours sharing a sewing machine to construct our very own eco-friendly DIY t-shirts dress. I mean, when else can you expertly reuse an ex-boyfriend's tshirt?

I guess spent most of this post talking about superficial things. Next time I promise something ultra nerdy to make up for it. Ciao for now.


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  2. bonjour vinci,
    comment allez vous? je suis fatiguee. Voila pourquoi je fais une courte sieste aujourd'hui. Je deteste l'etudie pour le test. Je prefere regarder le television toute le journee, mais j'ai un test fran├žais de finale demain. Qu'est ce vous faites aujourd'hui? Vous faire joli dans les photos de blog! J'aime le nouveau "blog layout", c'est est simple, propre et joli aussi. Les vetement de modcloth tres chic et confortable. Retour a l'etude, au revoir.