Me & You & The Washing Machine

It was L's birthday over the weekend and she threw a BBQ-costume party. After food and charades, we strolled to the playground around the corner. How ridiculous we must have looked to be marching down the neighborhood, dressed up for no apparent reason as the runaway bride, paper bag princess, a life guard, a pirate, cupid and an 80's chick.

 I missed all the Tight and Bright parties last year, so I decided to hunt for as many 'tnb' things as possible so I would be prepared this year. This costume party was my first 'test drive' as an 80's chick.

Swing! We were so surprised to learn that Tibs doesn't know how to maneuver a swing. It was cute to watch her boyfriend teach her.

Bustin' out all the dance moves. By that I mean, attempting to do the splits. It's been a goal of mine to do the splits (comfortably) again and I'm getting closer by the day.

But to top it all off, we spent a lot of time talking and playing with the kids there (adorable by all accounts).

I'll try to work on a video and post it here. I have a few video and photo projects that I need to handle first. The costume birthday party was a success! I got bitten a dozen times by mosquitoes and now my legs look messed it was worth it.

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  1. aww! thats awesome chi! I see you are slowly getting ready for the real tight and bright this coming year :)