I Eat Peaches Straight From The Can

Phew! The last couple of weeks have been full of adventure and responsibilities. I wouldn't want to live my life any other way :) There's so much more to be done before the end of summer too!

Took mom to West Restaurant and ordered the highly recommended Pea Agnolotti. It was the first time I ate morels--they're mushrooms that grow after a forest fire. The CBC says that BC wildfires are eating up our firefighting budget. Perhaps they can pick mushrooms after the fire. Morels are worth a small fortune especially since they have to be differentiated from their poisonous counterpart, the False Morel. It was a delicious experience but I still prefer small cozy little dives like Sophie's or the Naam.

Speaking of food, mom and I got swept up in the excitement of cooking with our new cookbooks: West and Blue Water Cafe. So immediately went to Steveston to buy sable fish collars right off the boat. Then I decided to have an impromptu BBQ with a day's prep. I even made little flags on the fly and they looked fab (the photo up top).

Of course, we bought fresh salmon for the BBQ and smoked it on a cedar plank. It didn't turn out as well because there wasn't much convection cooking since we were cooking other things at the same time. We made everything from scratch but the most popular dish was our version of the Oroshi Japadog.

Descaled and filleted my first fish. It was so much fun! I'm trying to learn as many cooking skills as I can this summer.

Also spent a couple of days at the Phrateres office renovating. As it turns out, only Sarah and I were gung-ho enough to spend some time cleaning and painting the place. I gotta say that we did a spectacular job at painting for a couple of newbs who had absolutely no idea what they were doing. Currently the commons room is filled with our furniture so we left a bunch of notes on the wall apologizing to the War Gamers and UBC Security. Will have before and after photos later.


Saw this hilarious corner while paint shopping at Rona. It's a tiny mirror and a stake taped to the column. The note reads:
"In case of vampire;
Break red tape.
Aim for Heart.
And written above the mirror:
"Also for vampire activity."


  1. Omg. the sausages making me hungry! I didn't try the salmon, darn. Only ate two lil pieces of the steak (mmm), a wings or two and half of a japadog and half of a corn. haha. vampires <3

  2. I'm surprised you ate so much considering you already ate before you came! Thanks :D

  3. Haha, it helps eating all that over 3 hrs and only the half of a japadog was filing. The rest were snacks. The fish sounds like hard work. By the way, the smaller pictures for this post looks great. The previous one looked good bigger, but in general I think the smaller picture works.

  4. HAHAHHAHA for the vampire one. Did you know that somewhere in the US, 5 minutes before the new Twilight movie came out (the midnight viewing), the film exploded and there was no viewing? I can't imagine the amount of fan girls screaming in dismay :P

    YAY! for oceanwise. I was actually going to make my documentary on that but all the people I need to interview and the restaurants are in Vancouver. :(

    The colour for the phrateres room looks amazing! <3 I will definitely help you guys when I'm back next week!

    I cant wait to show you the videos I have made :)

  5. i am on a facebook ban so here i am. for you: http://vi.sualize.us/view/d0a5f55acf46776b2f3ef4cac0978117/

  6. hey, stumbled upon your blog through Saving Betty! love your blog!! and you are a VANCOUVERITE! like me :)

    following you now, hope you can follow me back.xo~


  7. Ohhhh... some of my girlfriends were Phrateres. But all seafood and DIYing aside, who the heck put that sign up at Rona?

    So random.