The Northern Capital of BC

I'm here in the "Northern Capital of BC": Prince George. I'll be staying on rez at UNBC until August 20th for work. Can't say it's my favourite place in the world but I'm slowly starting to see more of BC.

Pookie, my favourite bear in the world (sorry Yogi), is always attached to my duffle bag.

Fossil leather duffle bags are the greatest. It withstood a lot of wear and still looks smashing so I'd say it's well worth the price. Mine's a men's bag but no one knows and no one cares. It didn't break my bank, it suits my needs and it's just my style.

Been itching to travel some more but really can't afford the time or money at the moment.

YXS airport is quite small. It reminds me of Langley airport or Boundary Bay airport. That's one of the first things I noticed here. Immediately after that, I noticed the smell of pulp mill. The smell lingered for at least 6 hours before my olfactory cells decided to give up noticing it. This time my view isn't a breathtaking vista of rivers and valleys but of birch trees and dense forest. It's not displeasing to the eyes but I must say that I miss the mountains and the ocean--I've been spoiled by Vancouver that way. Speaking of eyes, my eyes are abnormally dry here.


  1. that is one rad duffel bag! i haven't been to P.G, but i heard it's very small...

    following your blog, follow me back?

  2. I dunno anyone who doesn't love Pookie :) I have a fascination for men's bags but they can get pretty pricey, like leather laptop cases.

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  3. Pookie is the cutes bear and I love that bag.

  4. Love that leather duffle!

    I've never been that far north. Kudos to you for exploring BC!